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January 28, 2015
Wow. My Little Baby Girl had a meltdown this evening. We asked The Kids to decided which parent was going to which ones VDay party at school. Immediately The Son said, "I call Mom." He even tried to bribe his sister with a candy bracelet of his that she wanted. No deal. I was just happy to know I was worth more than a candy bracelet! Haha.

Of course she immediately started crying. But this time he stood his ground; he would not budge. Usually he'll give up as soon as she starts to cry because he doesn't want to hear it. Not this time. It seemed like the more she cried, the more determined he was at keeping me to himself.

She finally calmed down after thirty minutes of crying, lots of consoling and rationalizing later. She's not happy, but I think she realized this was one battle she was not going to win.

I think it's cute how they fight over me. Neither wanted their dad. He did it to himself though for not being around. And when he is around he doesn't do much either. At least that's my perception. Apparently he's not worried about it. And if he's not then I won't be.


January 20, 2015
I found out my mother was in Minnesota in December visiting my brother and his family. I wonder why she didn't call me to go up there or why she didn't offer to come down here. I mean it's only a 6 hour drive. I figure she flew halfway across the country to see one kid, driving 6 more hours wouldn't be a big deal. Maybe she didn't call cause she knew I wouldn't pick up her calls. I mean, I did label her number as Ignore Call. Or maybe she knew I wouldn't open the door for her because I'm real good with not opening the door for people who unexpectedly show up at my doorstep, especially when I don't want to deal with them.

But she didn't call. Not to say she will be in MN. Not to say for me to go up there to see her. Not to say she was coming here. Not a word. Not one single word.

If I was a gambling man, I'd bet she would come to NE to visit our sponsors and not even stop by my place to visit me, her one and only living daughter.

Fuck! She must have forgotten that she is Hmong and that unless she plans to convert to Christianity before she dies, she is going to need me there at her funeral. Well, I suppose that's if she hasn't already done any kind of weird Hmong shit to disown me. Ha! I wouldn't put that past her. Regardless, all the fucking ancestors know it's her blood that's coursing through my veins. She can't get away with saying she doesn't have a daughter.

But really, ain't nobody got time for this! I've already given her too much time as it is with this post! NO MAS about an estranged mother!


January 19, 2015
I'm sick of seeing deer meat. I even smell like deer now! Ugh...

But everything is vacuum-sealed and in the freezer. Everything has been cleaned up and stowed. The kitchen has been tidied up and the house has been mopped.

I also managed a load of laundry. Though now I have two baskets of clean laundry waiting on me to fold and put away. And I still have a ton more laundry to put through the washer and dryer. I swear a mother's work is never ending!!!

Tonight's dinner was still bland even though I added 1/4 teaspoon of salt to the mix. Last week we ate dinner at a friends house where she made roasted chicken using the Herbes de Provence Roasted Chicken & Potatoes seasoning packet from McCormick. I recalled it being tasty but bland. So tonight I added 1/4 teaspoon of salt and it was still bland. Next time I'll double-up on the salt and see how it turns out.

Let see. Tomorrow we will have tonight's leftovers. We're going to need to pick-up dinner on Wednesday. It'll be up to The Husband to cook dinner on Thursday. We'll have stir-fry on Friday. Maybe venison pho over the weekend? Who knows.


January 18, 2015
Nothing could be more fun than processing deer all day! Yup, that's all I did. I now have:
  • thinly sliced meat
  • diced meat
  • fillets
  • roasts
  • ground meat
  • meatballs
  • bones
  • ribs

Hard laborious work is what it all amounts to. And I pretty much did it all by myself. The Husband figured I could do all the work since I will get tomorrow off and he won't. What he failed to realize is that I have a 5-gallon bucket nearly filled with ground meat that I still need to process because I didn't have enough FoodSaver bags. Then there are the meatballs I have to shape. Then the rest of the straps and roasts to vacuum seal. Oh, don't forget about all of the clean-up afterwards. Needless to say, I have a full day tomorrow on top of dealing with two kids.

This of course just means his hunting will be limited next year. I usually let him go out as often as he wants and he goes out A LOT! But this little stunt he pulled is going to cost him some hunting time next season. If he doesn't want to share the workload that comes with bringing a deer home, then he can spend more time at home than in the woods. I hate doing this because it feels like I'm putting him on a leash, but this will be the only way he'll learn.

I will say, though, that he did thank me for processing all of the deer meat by myself. But as much as I appreciate him acknowledging that, it doesn't even begin to get me to change my mind about the next season. Oh well. I can only be so nice and tolerate so much. Ultimately, he brought this upon himself.


January 12, 2015
Today didn't end on a good note. Well, I suppose it depends on how you look at it. The Husband had asked me to try to make it home at 4:30PM to start dinner so that we can all eat before we head out for The Son's soccer game. Somehow I got carried away with the BRD I was working on and lost track of time. The soccer game reminder went off at 5:30PM and I didn't even register the time then. Two minutes later and I finally realized the time and started to panic: no dinner and now we're going to be late for his soccer game.

What made matters worst was that The Husband had no clue where any of The Son's soccer gear was located. A bit of back and forth via text message fixed that issue. By the time I made it home, The Family had already.

When I made it to the facility, The Husband said he didn't have The Son's black jersey and The Son was wearing cleats when it was a no-cleats-allowed indoor field. Great. The Son played goalie the entire night and then had a melt-down afterwards because he got his ass handed to him by the other team. It was partly The Husband's fault for not rotating him out of being goalie, being he was the coach and all.

We got home and The Husband and I had a spat over the unprepared soccer bag. He pretty much blamed everyone but himself for it. Yup. and I was successful at letting him get under my skin.

I didn't let him off the hook though and I wasn't about to go to bed with tension. So once the kids were asleep and I had talked enough calm into myself, I told The Husband he did a great job at blaming everyone but himself. I told him I was not going to stop going through the bag to fish out dirty clothes and washing them. And I wasn't about to leave the bag on the main floor, especially when it gets in my way when I clean the house.

He tried to throw out an unlikely scenario saying "so you're saying you can take out his gear from his bag and put them wherever you want." I quickly put him in check and reminded him of my clean history of never having done such a thing. Instead I told him the clothes will continue to get washed and hung-dry in the spare bedroom and he would be responsible for ensuring that the bag is ready for night before a game or practice.

That was the end of it. I wasn't budging. I wash the clothes and he makes sure the bag is ready the night before a game or practice. My ask wasn't unreasonable.

But fuck, he's really good at making people feel like shit, even if it's not entirely their fault. And then he never shoulders any of the blame. Like as if it's never his fault. I do like how composed I was when I brought it up to his attention and then how I calmly deflected his one argument. I'm fucking pretty damn proud of myself that I didn't lose my cool during the whole 5 minute conversation. Haha.

* * *

Off to another topic...

It took KithenAid 2.5 weeks to respond to my inquiry about the hand mixer model I purchased at Williams-Sonoma in December. I couldn't seem to find that particular model anywhere except at Williams-Sonoma so I sent in an email to inquire about the particular model. Turns out this particular model was a Williams-Sonoma exclusive.

I'm should just be glad that they responded; unlike All-Clad who has yet to respond. I'm pretty certain I inquired about where I could register my All-Clad purchases on their website (cause it's really not obvious).


January 11, 2015
I think there is a part of me, deep deep down inside of me, that is really sad and no amount of depression meds will or can ever fix. I know there is this huge void in my life that I keep stowed away, but every now and then, I can't help but look to see if it somehow disappeared on its own.

No. It's still there. It's always there. It's just hidden underneath all of that dust.

I do try hard not to dwell on it. It's there. I know it's there. But until I am brave enough to face it head-on I'll just leave it alone and let it haunt me every so often when it wants to. Plus, I suppose I was due for a visit anyway being I can't remember the last time it paid a visit.

I'm not sure what I did in my previous life to deserve this...


January 10, 2015
I'm thinking that since its up to me, my Hamilton Beach blender's days are numbered. I'm tired of fighting with it every time I try to make a smoothie. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I absolutely hate that it won't cooperate.

I am by no means a cook. In fact, my kitchen and I have a love-hate relationship. But when I'm in my kitchen doing the things you do when in a kitchen, I NEED my gadgets to work!

Maybe I should add the Ninja Prep Master to my wish list!


January 9, 2015
Maisee Xiong: 12x12 King Maisee Xiong: Hand tracing by The Daughter He did it! It took him nearly 19 minutes to fill in 144 boxes in random order. And he got every single one of them correct! Looks like we're on our way to California! Okay, we did not bribe him with a trip to California...well, not really. We wanted an excuse to come to California and this was it! Immediately after telling him he got them all correct, The Daughter said, "We're going to California!" Too funny. His dad and I are so proud of him. Now we need to focus on The Daughter! She's already skip-counting at school, so why not?

* * *

The Husband, Son and I are all crazy about our new-found hunting show: MeatEater! Steven Rinella's story-telling is awesome and believable. We love seeing him stalk and kill his prey. We love seeing him field dress and process his animals. And then there's the cooking! The show always ends with him or his hunting buddy cooking a meal using whatever wild game they've killed. Whenever we get to the cooking part, The Son always says, "Wow! This show is making me hungry." Oh yeah, we drool. Well, I might be drooling for other reasons...dude, I can't help it if I find him pretty good looking! Ha! It's one awesome show!

I also really like the authenticity of the heart-pounding adrenaline and emotion captured after each kill. It's a feeling that all of us hunters feel when we're able to put down a wild game. It's totally not the superficially fist pumping "Yeah! Yeah! Did you see that! Oh my God!" shit that you see on most of the hunting shows on Outdoor Channel. Well, that's my opinion any way.

Go! Go watch the show now! You don't even need a TV. You can watch all of the episodes on the MeatEater website!


January 7, 2015
In a given week, we've got 3 swim lessons, 3 soccer practices, 2 soccer games and 1 dance lesson. The Husband wants to do both volleyball and basketball once a week. We're waiting to see how baseball fits into the mix and that's at least 2 practices and 1 game (maybe 2) a week.

Then there is homework, reading and math. Homework because The Son didn't start/finish it in class. Twenty minutes of reading as suggested by both the kids' teachers. Math because it's everywhere!

Twenty-four hours in a given day just isn't enough! We need more time!!!

Since we're in the topic of school, I ought to share this story with you:

In first grade, The Son brought home an assignment where he had to carve out each phase of the moon in the cream of an Oreo cookie: split the cookie apart, cut the cream into one phase of the moon; repeat until every phase have been carved. He chose not to do this assignment in class because he didn't want to touch the cookie; he didn't want to touch the cookie because it was chocolate; he didn't want to touch the chocolate because he thinks he's allergic to chocolate. Like seriously?!! We ended up buying vanilla Oreos so that he could complete his assignment. And, BTW, he's not allergic to chocolate. He just doesn't like it.


January 4, 2015
It was -2 degrees this morning. With the wind felt more like -19. It was 4 degrees and I couldn't convince The Son to postpone our Mother-and-Son date. The weather was in our favor though. We had the whole arcade to ourselves and ran around like we owned they place!

Our next stop was Scooter's. Thankfully my brain was working and remembered there was a drive-thru scooter near our lunch destination. Got him a wild berry smoothie and headed over to Fazoli's for lunch.

Once we got home, he spent 1.25 hours filling in his multiplication table, which he got 100% of them correct. It took about 10 minutes to verbally quiz him on the entire 12x12 table, which he got 97% of them correct. Of the 4 that he missed, he got them all correct on the second try. We're going to have to work on the time it takes him to fill in the table. Also, we need to work on spitting out the answers quicker...maybe under 5 seconds per problem.

And it's not just about memorizing the darn table; he does understand the concept of multiplication since he's learning it at school. So far were making it fun for him so he's enjoying it. He wants to be quizzed every time we get in the car and go somewhere!


January 3, 2015
he 2014/2015 deer season is almost over and it hasn't been a good season for The Husband. Mostly because the deer are out-smarting him! I was keeping score there for a while but have since lost track. What I know for sure is that he is WAY WAY WAY behind -- this year belongs to the deer.

This morning he told me he blew a 30 yard shot. Said that his bow veered right, or was it left. Doesn't matter. What matters is that he missed his target! I definitely gave him crap for it though. But it's starting to get old so I better just stop before he gets upset. I'm sure he's been beating himself up already given how tough this season has been for him.

Anyway, I know what I want for my birthday! How about this: Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoop

You might be wondering why I need this. Well, whenever I'm making anything that comes in multiples, I want them to all be uniform. Meatballs, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. It drives me crazy to have one bigger than the other or smaller than the other. Of course there is an exception to the last one in the batch: it'll be whatever size it wants to be! I'm not sure what my deal is other than I'm just being anal. There's nothing that can explain it, really.

I also think I need this:

I have a Kaiser 9" springform pan that I absolutely love. My only problem with it has nothing to do with the product: baking a 9" cheesecake is simply too much for my little family. So I think this 7 in would be perfect! I definitely think this is another must!

Now, this is something that I WANT: All-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless-Steal Steamer Set

I saw this and immediately fell in love with it. The only thing that stopped me was exactly what The Husband said when I came home and told him: What's wrong with the little steamer we currently own? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


January 1, 2015
Another year down. Lots more to go! Happy New Years, everyone.

Maisee Xiong