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September 03, 2014
Every year when September rolls around I get super excited. Not because of birthdays. Not because of anniversaries. Wait. I suppose you can count it as an anniversary. Every September I get to celebrate being 1 year closer to the end of mortgage payments. Yes, I will turn 45, The Daughter will graduate from high school and then the mortgage will be over. The years will just fly by before I know it. Believe me. I didn't plan for it to turn out like this. It started out as a 30 year mortgage. Then I refinanced it down to 20 years. And then some time after the market crashed and the real estate market was slumming, I refinanced it down to 15 years. I ended up with a 3% interest rate and my monthly payments for the 15 year was less than my monthly payments for the 20 year. Got to love it!

Maisee Xiong