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April 28, 2014
The Husband asked me this morning if I had anything for my brother's new born. When I told him no, he mentioned that he wanted me to find something. I inquired how he would expect me to send anything when I had no intentions of returning my brother's phone call and that's when I found out that my brohter had reached out to him. Apparently, my brother texted The Husband and they have been exchanging messages. I guess my brother get points for being that smart: I'll just text The Husband since Maisee won't return my phone calls. I wonder how he dumb he must feel for "needing" The Husband now when he was being such a jerk to him during our wedding. People just don't think about the future. But then again, I bet my brother must of thought that The Husband owed him this favor. Whatever. And I could care less if The Husband was communicating with him or my family. So long as The Husband doesn't:
  • insist I re-open the lines of communication
  • get me involved
then I'm good to go with whatever The Husband decides to do.

Enough about my family, or should I say estranged family. I've lost 3 lbs in one week! That's because I'm actually trying and putting in effort! It helps that TD Ameritrade is all about healthy and organic meals. In the cafeteria, next to each item they are serving, there is a sign that indicates whether you should "choose often" or "choose occasionally." So next to the salad bar, you'll see "choose often" and next to the burger station you'll see "choose occasionally." Also, it's quite a walk from the offices to the cafeteria. They purposely built the building at such so that their employees are forced to walk. So everyday since I've started, I've had at least 2 helpings of vegetables a day and have healthier servings of high protein, low fat options. I also drink a lot more (cucumber-infused) water. Over the weekend, I watched what I was eatting and made sure I didn't overeat. I didn't lose anything over the weekend, but I didn't gain either so I'm happy about that!

It also helps that The Husband has started his diet. He's got to get his body sorted out before the elk season begins.

April 27, 2014
Wow! I was not a worthless fart today. LOL. I actually swept, vacuumed and mopped the house. I also decluttered the counter tops but that obvious won't last. We love putting all of our daily shit on the counter tops. Ha ha. Regardless, it felt good to clean the house, as weird as that may sound.

The Husband and I also went fishing. We got skunked though. Okay, I did but not The Husband. He actually caught a really small crappie and bass. What can I say? Fishing with a lure is not for me. At the same time, I haven't had the urge to go cat fishing. Maybe its gem to go show off and catch some trout from the sticker pond. As lame as that may sound, there are still many people who can't catch jack shit. It's rather hilarious; we'll take the kids and they'll be like "Fish on! Fish on!" every five minutes or so. It also awesome watching the kids feel in the fish because they get all giddy but then won't want to touch the fish once they have it on land. No worries. They have me to help them!

My second week at my new job begins tomorrow. I'm so excited but nervous all at the same time. Excited because of the new opportunity but nervous because I have to learn a very complex system or might. I say systems. Overall, there are pros and cons to this new opportunity. I think that it's really a step backwards as I think I'm ready for a lead/manager position. On the other hand, everything I know I've learned at 1 company and I just feel like, unless I get exposure elsewhere, I won't know if I'm at the top of my gain. So one step back will hopefully get me two steps forward.

If I could have it my way, I'd want to spend 6 - 12 months at a company to learn their business/systems analyst process and move on. Similar to how Frank Solich went from school to school to learn and observe before taking the Ohio gig.

I will say, though, that I miss my CSG Family. I spent 8 years with them and it was hard to walk away. I certainly doubted myself but I think, in the end, I made the right decision. My new family seems to be very friendly. They are much more quieter than I what I am used to and they seem like they are more than willing to assist because they want nothing more but to see me succeed. Shit, I even have a mentor! It's the norm there.

Speaking of which, I've picked up several things that I could definitely institute when I get a manager role. One being assigning a mentor to and training the new hires. Usually, from what I've seen in the past, we give brief training, some shadowing and then we through them out to sink or swim. We don't have any standards or guidelines to assist them with at all.

Additionally, there is a few things on the management style that interests me as well. My manager insists on 2 one-on-one sessions per week until I've settled in. Then it will become 1 sessions per week. She also has her employees take personality tests to see how people think and act. Then base on that, the team is encouraged to adjust to tailor how they approach each other as they now have a better understanding of how the other person thinks or what makes them tick. Interesting stuff.

April 26, 2014
I swear if my family knew better they would do a better job of keeping The Husband in their back pocket. No matter the shit my family has put me through, The Husband's always been the voice of reason; the one who keeps encouraging me to keep contact with my family. When I ignored both phone calls from my brother a few days ago, it was The Husband who told me, "You should call him back. Maybe he knows he fucked up and this is how he is reaching out to you."

I didn't care to return his call though. I kind of figured he was calling to let me know he and his wife had welcomed their little bundle of joy to this world. Congrats to them both but it's going to take more than them having a baby to get me to return his phone call. In fact, it going to take him moving mountains and getting the planets aligned before I allow him back into my life.

The Husband also had suggested that I be the bigger person. I, however, disagree with that. I've been the bigger person time and time again and now I'm done. I just get the short end of the stick all of the time and I'm done. I've quit! I've invested myself for much too long. No return in investment. FUCK IT ALL!!

And guess what? I've been SO MUCH HAPPIER without them in my life!
Maisee Xiong