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June 24, 2013
It is about lunch time when The Husband called me, "Are you busy?"

"Yeah. Sort of. Sup?"

"Are you sitting down?"


"We lost our cottonwood tree."

Seriously? WTF. It was no joke. A really bad thunderstorm came through around 10AM. It was pitch black outside. Rain was just gushing out of the skies. There was 70 MPH wind. It was just crazy. Fuck balls.

Oh yes. There goes my idea of wanting a hammock...No second tree, no hammock.

Maisee Xiong: Thunderstorm June 2013   Maisee Xiong: Thunderstorm June 2013


June 23, 2013
Maisee Xiong: The Son   Maisee Xiong: The Daughter

June 21, 2013
As I had mentioned earlier this week, I picked up The Kids early from day care today and surprised them with an afternoon at the outdoor water park. They were so happy! And so appreciative. They kept saying, "Thank you, Mom!" "I'm really happy that you brought us to the water park." "You're awesome." "Thank you, Mom, for taking us here." They are awesome kids! We didn't stay there as long as I had expected though. An hour into the visit, The Son was ready to come home. The Daughter on the other hand would have slept there! She was not ready to come home at all. Yet, still she didn't throw a fit when her fun was cut short either. My kids are great like that. They appreciate being able to do something they enjoy and not be upset when it's time to go home. Reminding them that there is always next time also helps too.

Maisee Xiong: The Kids at the Outdoor Water Park   Maisee Xiong: The Son

And here is The Daughter and I hanging out on the deck in the backyard enjoying the nice weather. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't quite as humid. It was just the perfect weather to be outside and be lazy! I'm thinking that I should convince The Husband that the backyard is in desparate need of a hammock. I'm sure we can hang it using the two trees out back. Then again, I wonder how often it would be used. The weather does get brutal here. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the humidity. I will definitely need to plant the idea in The Husband's head. I'm wondering if I can trick him to think that it is him that wants the hammock. Tricky, tricky.

June 19, 2013
Hahaha. I'm listening to this Girl A talk shit about Girl B who think Girl A is her friend. Total two-face. This is why my friend list is small. I don't have the time to deal with this kind of drama. But I don't feel bad at all. Girl B doesn't know how to pick and choose her friends anyway. This is what she gets. I don't feel sorry or bad for her at all.

Moving on. The Husband and I were at Benson High School with his dad. They were jogging while I was walking. I so wanted to jog too but The Physical Therapist said no jogging or running until my back and knee gets better. Boo-hoo. The Husband though is something else. When he wasn't jogging with his dad he tagged along with a total stranger that was also on the track. Afterwards, he sat on the sideline and watched two black guys play football. After observing them for several minutes he walked right up and started talking to them. Before I knew it he was playing football with them. The Husband is a total extrovert, the total opposite of me!

When we got back to Gma's house to pick up The Kids, we found The Daughter doing subtraction math using a bead chain Gma had made for her. Now she doesn't have to count Smarties anymore. She's super excited.

June 18, 2013
This implementation is taking longer than I had anticipated. I will definitely be using comp time on Friday. The Husband is on board with my plans to take The kKds to the outdoor water park on Friday. Again, I'll leave it as a surprise for the kids. Plus, not mentioning it to them will mean 1) I will not be reminded 100 times between now and then and 2) I can back out easily if things don't go according to plan. There is always that possibility. With my luck, I'm bound to get a support call right when I am about ready to shut down my computer and leave for the day.

* * *

I'm going on 2.5 hours of sleep. I'm tired. My lower back is sore. I have an eBay buyer claiming that she did not receive her item, that all she received was a ripped envelope with nothing inside. I sent out at least 100+ packages that weekend. This is the only dispute. She waited over 2 weeks before reaching out to me. One would think that she would have disputed this immediately upon receiving the ripped and empty package. It just reeks "shady" to me. I'm going to have to think about how I'm going to handle this dispute.

* * *

It appears that my initial reaction to the eBay dispute was solely based on emotions. I took the time to look into the dispute and saw that although I sent the package out on 6/1 it had not been delivered until yesterday. I'm assuming something must have happened to the package en route to the destination. Looks like a refund is inevitable. I'll deal with this some more tonight.

* * *

I'm at my physical therapy appointment, just waiting. Lets be clear: I do not want to be here and I'm certainly not happy that I need to be here. An hour later...the therapist is kind of freaky. He definitely got into my personal space when he asked me questions. And the he starred at me, in my personal space, while I respond. It's as if he's doing some deep soul searching or something. Very uncomfortable. If only he was a hottie, I wouldn't mind as much. :)

June 17, 2013
I went to visit The Doctor today. He confirmed that I was still having spasms in my lower back. His suspicions mirrored mine: the spasms are related to the car accident I was involved in earlier this month. He ordered a round of physical therapy for both my knee and lower back. Now I have a 2PM appointment for tomorrow to see a physical therapist. I am not happy about this. Every minute that I have to put towards all these accident-related incidents only means less time to focus on the family and work.

Of course I can say, "fuck all this" and go on with my life but then what does that really solve? It will just make things worse: constantly worrying about the next activity that will aggregate my lower back or knee. And then I'd have a deal with the pain once I do aggregate them. Which will mean more doctor visits, more meds, more not wanting to do anything because I will only worry about whether the activity I'm about to engage in will or will not aggregate my lower back and knee. And the cycle becomes a vicious one! UGH. What am I trying to say? That it is in my best interest (and The Family's) for me to stay proactive on focusing on getting myself better now, rather than later. I'm still not thrilled about this though. Still not but I'll try to stay more positive.

June 16, 2013
Maisee Xiong: Mother and Son   Maisee Xiong: The Son riding a ride at the carnival

June 15, 2013
We took the kids to the outdoor water park today. They were absolutely thrilled. The Daughter doesn't like the giant water bucket that dumps gallons upon gallons of water about every 5 minutes or so and so she'd wait for the bucket to dump the water, go on the slide once, and then wait for the bucket to dump before going on the slide again. Eventually I told her she could go several times in between the dumps and that's what she ended up doing. At one point she was second in line to go down the slide when the bucket went off. I watched her push through the kids as she scrambled to seek refuge inside the slide. Funny, funny.

Maybe I can take the kids out again Friday afternoon. I'll have a long code push Monday night which will guarantee an early release on Friday. The Kids will be excited. I'll be sure to hush hush about it and surprise them!

Lately Ms The Daughter has been quite brave trying different foods she typically would not eat. I guess it helps that I bribe her with a star (The Kids are on a star reward system). Earlier today, I saw her pick up the opened Pemmican bar The Husband left on the counter. She took a small bite out of it and then shook her head and placed it back on the counter. She obviously didn't like it! I thought it was rather funny that she actually shook her head in disapproval of such nasty snack bar. I myself don't care for it either!

June 10, 2013
Technology failed me. I failed myself. I was on the hunt for 2706 Blah Avenue today with the help of Google maps. The navigator said, "turn right on Blah Avenue and your destination will be on the left." Looking to my left I saw 2717...2705...then 26XX. I turned the car around and looking to my right I saw 26XX...2705...2717. I pulled over and asked myself where the fuck was 2706. Thinking I wrote down the wrong number I called The Husband. No response. I see the truck with the company name I was looking for parked in front of 2705. So I called the business, "Hey. I'm here to drop off my payment but I can't seem to find 2706. I only see 2705." The dude replies, "2706 is right across the street from 2705." I fucking felt dumb. I relied 100% on the damn GPS that it NEVER occurred to me that my destination was actually on my right. If odd was on my left, even would be on my right. I guess this is what happens when you rely on technology to do everything for you: you become dumb.

Now on to something smarter: the following picture was taken while The Son and I were in Sam's Club. When The Son saw this sign he said, "Mom! That sign says 'hot baked pizza to go' and guess what? It's free! It doesn't cost any money because they didn't put a price on there." Smart boy but I told him I was sure it wasn't free. Now I do wonder what Sam's Club would have said if I presented this statement to them. Maybe The Son would have came home with a free 16" pizza.

Maisee Xiong: Free Pizza

Winding down the night with Ms The Daughter Xiong!

Maisee Xiong: Being Lazy with The Daughter

June 07, 2013
After writing about having finished reading The Last Lecture, I decided I would watch the actual lecture. It wasn't until I was committed that I realized it was almost 1:30AM! Oh, well. I had committed. I will say that I'm glad I read the book before watching the lecture. Not saying the lecture wasn't great, because it was. But the book just had so much more content and detail. Awesome, awesome!


June 06, 2013
I got a call from State Farms saying that have accepted liability on behalf of their Insurer. That is good news. Now I have to deal with taking the car in for repairs. Then I need to decide if I want a rental or not. I suppose I don't care for one. I'll have to think about it and get back to the lady. So much shit to deal with.

I also stopped by the Police Precinct and they were closed. Odd right? Apparently the precinct I went to had varied office hours and it was just convenient that they were closed today. Now I need to figure out when they will be open so that I can go file a police report regarding the accident. I learned, after the fact, that regardless of how big or small the accident is, The Police should always be summoned. That is, of course, if it was not my fault. Otherwise, run! I believe if I were Hispanic and lived in Denver this would be called the "Mexican Insurance." Fine, that's racist. I was just sharing what I was told.

I finished the latest installment of The Crossfire Series: Entwined with You by Silvia Day. I really enjoyed the book and hope that she releases Book 4. I don't think I will pick up another erotica series though. I've read three different erotica series and I'm starting to get storylines mixed up. Not just that but, the sex is starting to become predictable. Like any porn movie you know it goes something like: she sucks him, he sucks her, they fuck each other. And it doesn't matter how many toys are in the way, it's still the same old: she sucks him, he sucks her, they fuck each other. It gets old fast.

While I was in Denver, I was told about a book called Shit My Dad Says. I think this is going to be a must-read. I definitely need something that will make me laugh and it sounded like this would be my book.

And some The Daughter Art to end the night. I thought it was pretty creative how she used the "dot" from Lojan as the "o" in Xiong.

Maisee Xiong: The Daughter & Chalk

June 05, 2013
The meds The Doctor prescribed sucked ass big time. I had an extremely difficult time keeping my eyes opened this morning during work because The Meds were making me drowsy. This accident is definitely starting to become a PITA. Fuck! I ended up having to nap in my car during lunch. Although I wasn't thrilled about that, the hour nap did do wonders for me. I will definitely need to reconsider the timing of my pills.

June 04, 2013
The Kids and I went to see The Doctor today. The accident on the third was my very first accident with The Kids so I decided to play it safe and took them in for a check-up. I had my back and my right knee looked at. The Doctor said my back pain was due to the muscle spasms and would last about 1-2 weeks. That's great. It's just fucking what I needed to hear. UGH. And now the right knee has been aggravated. This is NOT looking good for me. I'm not even close to 40 yet and I'm already starting to fall apart.

BTW, both kids checked-out fine.

The Last Lecture Okay. I just wrapped up this book and I can say that it is a great book. Definitely a must read. I'm not even sure how I came about reading this book. I've heard a little bit about the lecture years ago but wasn't aware that a book existed. I'm glad I read it. I absolutely loved it. I definitely cried when I read the part captured in the screen print to the left. Very sad moment I am sure. But I also liked how he ended the book with the "second head fake." That was great. I'll definitely need to watch the video when time allows for it.

June 03, 2013
So far June is not looking good. I was involved in a car accident today. The Kids, my brother and his girlfriend were in the car with me when we were rear-ended. Not fun. This was the last thing I needed on top of my already busy life.

June 02, 2013
A trip to the zoo always results in a carousel ride for The Daughter. The Son opted out by saying, "I don't want to ride the merry-go-round because it's too much fun." Um, ok. Whatever.

Maisee Xiong: The Daughter on the Carousel

June 01, 2013
Maisee Xiong: The Daughter + Miso Soup = LoveIt was love at first sight! She really wanted to go eat sushi, just like Mei and Satsuki from My Neighbor Totoro. Well, I couldn't convince her to try the sushi but I got her to try the soup. She loved it. She didn't leave 1 drop in her bowl!

Maisee Xiong