Maisee Xiong: Happy New Years 2015

Happy New Years! We seem to be off to a good start. The Husband got to go on a morning hunt. I got to sleep in until 10AM. And The Kids get to have screen-time to their hearts' content.

The Husband even came home this morning with breakfast from Burger King. It was totally unexpected but such a thoughtful jesture. Now I don't have to cook breakfast for everyone. Actually, I ended up cooking rice and eggs for The Son since he wasn't impressed with what his dad brought home. No biggie. That was a total of 5 minutes in the kitchen! Haha.

I don't know if my California Family will come around this year. I never know with them. I suppose they like keeping me on my toes. But if they don't come around, that's OK too. They can have all the time they need to grow up and be adults about things. I'm in no rush to reconcile if they're not ready to meet me halfway. Estranged, but so far it's working out fine for me.

Maisee Xiong